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Estella’s Brilliant Bus • Black Girls Code • Startup Edutech

June 27–July 8, 2014

Tech Innovation Bus Ride

Tech Innovation Bus Ride 2014 ….Road to #Yes We Code! …Creating a shared common vision for a strong tech-inclusive America!

“Tech Innovation Bus Ride” is a partnership of change agents: Estella’s Brilliant Bus, Black Girls Code and Startup Edutech. The partnership is seeking to raise $250,000 from corporate sponsors supporting solutions to reach students and their communities with a new narrative to connect them with the tech innovation economy. We plan to transport 150 youth on an 11-day summer “tech innovation” road trip in conjunction with participation in the launch of the “Yes We Code” Tech Village, hosted at the “Essence Music Festival 20th Anniversary” celebration in New Orleans July 3-6, 2014. Estimated attendance is anticipated to exceed 500,000. Our mission to, through, and from the festival, is to help these students and their communities to change the trajectory of their future using skills gained through activities associated with tech innovation.

Tech Innovation Bus Ride is multi-city bus caravan featuring turnkey hands-on custom coding classes, robotics and tech entrepreneurship workshops. Students will be mentored and hosted by Estella’s Brilliant Bus (CNN Hero), Black Girls Code (White House Champions of Change for Tech Inclusion Awardee), and Startup Edutech (Silicon Valley based pioneer in Mobile Education Entrepreneurship). This unique approach to student engagement with technology represents a distinct opportunity for aligned corporate partners to create direct outreach and support of tech-inclusion efforts that can result in a lifelong impact for our students and their future impact on society at large.

For supporting companies that seek to invest in our multi-city tech tour through the South, we offer several media exposure packages in addition to a variety of a la carte and packaged participation opportunities:

Tech Innovation Bus Ride travel route: West Palm Beach, Fla; Atlanta, Ga; Birmingham, Al; Selma, Al; Memphis, Tenn., Jackson, Miss, New Orleans, La.

Become a Partner in the Biggest Student Tech Innovation Inclusion Event Series of the Summer