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Estella Mims Pyfrom

Estella Mims Pyfrom was born in Quincy, Florida and grew up in Belle Glade, Florida. She attended Everglades Vocational High School grades 1- 12 at Okeechobee Center in Belle Glade, Florida. She began her college career at, Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida, where she earned her B.S. Degree and Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, Vocational Home Economics and Administration and Supervision. Estella later attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, where she earned her certification in Guidance and Counseling. Estella is also certified by the State of Florida as a Supreme Court Justice trained Mediator. Additional diplomas: Culinary Arts, Cake Decorating and Floral Designing.

She is the second oldest of six daughters and one son. Estella’s father, Roy L. Mims, was a migrant worker, a crew leader and a camp manager for many years. Her father migrated to the north, with his family and transported many other poor families as a contractor, to harvest produce during the summer months. He traveled for more than eighteen years, transporting migrant workers, by driving trucks and buses to the camps. As they traveled to the north to harvest produce, her father never left his family behind. Both parents were industrious individuals and were considered Migrant Pioneers of the time. Neither parent had more than a fourth grade education. Estella’s mother traveled to assist her husband with the crew and operated a sandwich wagon during working hours in the fields.

As an adult, Estella worked very hard in her community and was a dedicated wife and mother to her children and other children in her neighborhood circle.  Estella was the Glades Area Representative on the Palm Beach County Comprehensive Board of Directors for Mental Health and is responsible for bringing mental health services to the Glades area.  Estella served on the Board of County Commission on the Status of Women for four (4) years. She was a National and State Supervisor for Girl’s’ Clubs and a Girl Scout Troop Leader for several years. She was President of several local community organizations, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and a member of a local church.

Estella was a 2-time recipient of Global Recognition by Who’s Who and is listed among Honorees who are posted in the 2012 GLOBAL Directory of WHO’S WHO for hard work, dedication, perseverance and for demonstrating leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.

The Most Concerned Teacher of the Year

Estella Mims Pyfrom served as a K-12 classroom teacher for thirteen (13) years, a Guidance Counselor for 31 years, a Summer School Principal for two years and an Area Resource Teacher for the School District of Palm Beach County for six years. As an Area Resource Teacher, she was responsible for training staff, teaching students, implementing and monitoring programs through the Drug-Free Schools Department. Later the name was changed to the Prevention Center and is currently renamed as Safe Schools Department for Palm Beach County. She also served on two Superintendent’s Advisory Committees for the district, whose responsibilities were to review all new programs and materials to be approved for the district. She worked as an instructor for Adult Education for twenty-six (26) years. During her tenure with Palm Beach County School district, she worked as chairperson for many departments at the schools as well as served as the President of the Palm Beach County Home Economic Association. She was voted “The Most Concerned Teacher of the Year” by the student body at Pahokee High School. Estella served as the Auxiliary Coach for Glades Central High School Band, for twenty eighty (28) years. She was a group home owner and operator for mentally and physically challenged individuals and provided long term care for twenty-eight (28) years. Estella Pyfrom served as Guardian Ad Litem for seven years, as an advocate for neglected and abused children. She provided financial assistance for underprivileged children and allowed many to live in her home. As a trained Supreme Court Certified Mediator she volunteered to help many families through difficult situations and crisis and also served on the District Crisis Assistance Team.

She is the wife of Willie R. Pyfrom who is a veteran Band Director with Palm Beach County School District and is now teaching music part-time at Highland Elementary School in Palm Beach County.

Estella Pyfrom is the proud mother of four well-adjusted children, thirteen (13) grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  All four of her children have excelled personally and professionally. Her oldest son, Gene A Pyfrom, is a retired Manager of a Gymnastic facility for which he was the owner. Her second oldest son, Colonel Juan A. Pyfrom, earned a Jurist Doctorate Degree in International Law and is a JAGG Officer in the United States Army. Her oldest daughter, Dr. Karen Abrams, Principal of Pahokee Elementary School in Pahokee, Florida, and her youngest daughter, Mia L. Pyfrom, who is working as a support staff at Turning Point Alternative School with Palm Beach County School District.

After forty-eight years of service to the Palm Beach County School District, Estella retired for two years, only to return back to the system as a classroom teacher and later as a Guidance Counselor. Estella returned with a passion to help under achieving and underprivileged children and families as well as culturally and economically disadvantaged children and families improve their lives.

When she returned to the school district in September 19, 2006, she returned to the school district from retirement to serve as a Guidance Counselor at Rosenwald Elementary School in South Bay, FL.  In October 2008, Estella resigned her position so that she could devote more time to accomplishing her dream-mission. Her mission was to create a project that would help underprivileged children and families improve the quality of life, thus creating Project Aspiration (D/B/A Estella’s Brilliant Bus).

Estella’s Brilliant Bus

Estella’s Brilliant Bus mission is to provide a mobile instructional technology and training system that creates opportunities for self-paced educational learning. We employ this educational tool primarily in under-served and under resourced areas with two primary goals: (1) ’empowering’ children and their families with life-long learning skills, and (2) providing access to instructional “learning” technology while partnering with community agencies and educational stakeholders She is the Founder and CEO of Estella’s Brilliant Bus, a Class Act Learning Center, Inc. Estella’s Brilliant Bus is a 501 (C) 3, not for profit Corporation.

When asked “What is the accomplishment that you feel most of?” My remarks were: After raising four children and teaching them how to stay out of trouble, my accomplishment that I am proudest of is the Creation and founding of Estella’s Brilliant Bus. … AWESOME because we are mobile and virtual and can learn anywhere in the world.  We’re a learning center without walls… no boundaries.  Education and technology without walls.

Estella’s Brilliant Bus, formerly known as Project Aspiration, is a customized mobile learning center, designed to travel to communities and deliver services where service is needed.  Estella’s Brilliant Bus will serve children and families throughout Palm Beach County and the world. Estella’s Brilliant Bus was designed and created by Estella Pyfrom.

I believe that by forming alliances with agencies in communities who have similar missions and who have been awarded grants, have grant funds to provide services can form partnerships to serve hard to reach individuals and all will benefit from the union.  The learning center travels to communities where service is needed. Estella will continue to seek financial assistance and continue to collaborative community stakeholders provide resources to help improve the quality of life for children and families who are in need of our services.  We will make a difference…one child at a time and/or one family at a time.

I am proud to say we have served more than 100,000 underserved children over the past four years and have not charged them any money.

During the first year after we started this Brilliant Bus Movement Business, my husband became of victims of a triage visit at a local hospital which landed him in ICU for two months that required me to be with him (in ICU) for 24 hours in order to help keep him alive.  In spite of all of our assistance at the hospital, he survived 4 cases of CODE Blue and 26 pints of blood transfusion.  Luckily he survived four times resuscitation. Thank God he is still here… well and alive.  In August of 2013 both my husband and I were victims of an automobile accident, when a texting driver t-bowed us as we were driving out of our development.  Yes, they ran the red light.  As result of that accident, my husband was 98%paralyzes and had to have and emergency spinal surgery.  As for me, I got away with only one broken hip, and injured knee and ankle and a battered face to the point that my children could not recognized me.  But to God be the Glory, WE ARE BOTH ALIVE TODAY.

The Estella’s Brilliant Bus intends to network with schools, businesses and community agencies to provide experiences that will enable families to become more productive.  Estella piloted a tutoring program for children of homeless families, sponsored by the Palm Beach County School District. Estella not only provided tutoring for the children but also extended her time and resources to the parents of the children to include service to college students, so they could work on assignments and to adults who needed to search for jobs and housing. Estella’s Brilliant Bus pledged to continue to extend her services to those families as they ventured out into communities throughout Palm Beach County.

Being born black, in the south, into poor families, Estella overcame the odds of segregation as a child but also overcame the Odds to climb the poverty ladder because she found a way out of the projects of poverty.

During the past four years, Estella organized and operated 3 food pantries and is now a partner with Feeding South Florida, which is a regional branch of Feeding America, distributing food to approx. 3,000 individuals each month

When Estella looks back over her past and begin to think of what attributes to her success in life, all she could think of is the “no failure” options that was instilled in her as a child.  Estella’s dad made the children believe the if you could dream, … dream Big, and work hard to make things happen, and if you keep working to make things happen, you would not fail.  Keep up the hard work that surely but slowly if would happen.  Success was imminent.  HARD WORK AND THE GOOD GRACE OF GOD, WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL

Estella would like to give special thanks to Debbie Cain a dear friend who helped erase her fears about computers and computer applications.

According to some researchers, Estella’s Brilliant Bus is the only project of its kind that does what it does in the world is the reason why it is highly recognized and celebrated.   Please note accolades of Estella and her Brilliant Bus:

Estella’s Award Celebration

Estella Pyfrom has been very celebrated since the creation of Estella’s Brilliant Bus. Estella’s accolades include: I am told that Estella’s Brilliant Bus is the only project of its kind in the world and is the reason we are sooooo celebrated.

  • FEATURED: NBC News Network… Prime Time with Brian Williams and other associated networks
  • All Local TV and Radio Stations
  • Jet Magazine
  • 5000 Points of Light–Ranked – 4998 around the world- Hosted by President and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House
  • CNN Hero- 2013– Top 10 around the world –Ordinary People doing extraordinary things around the world
  • Woman of Worth — Top 10 around the world–L’O Real of Paris
  • Who’s Who Global–Directory – dedication, hard work and for making a difference
  • ESSENCE Magazine – 2014
  • MV Magazine
  • Success Magazine
  • Her Life Magazine
  • O-Oprah Magazine -January -2015
  • O-Oprah Magazine- This I know for Sure —Special Column
  • Oprah-The Life You Want Tour- Toyota Standing Ovation- Florida VIP
  • Wells Fargo Community Award
  • Florida A & M Alumni Association -PBC-
  • Community Service- From Local to National
  • Legacy Award — by Dexter Bridgeman–Legacy Palm Beach Magazine
  • Living Legends Award- Human Symphony – National
  • Community Service Award – Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Community Service Award – Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Community Service Award – Alpha Phi Alpha
  • Community Service – Citizenship Awards – Zeta Phi Beta
  • Community Partners Award – Delta Lambda Chapter – Alpha Phi Alpha Chapter
  • Woman of Excellence – Delta Sigma Theta
  • Spirit Award–Delta Sigma Theta
  • NBA – Pro player Philanthropy Award
  • African American Achiever Award
  • National Education Award
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award – Palm Beach State College-2014
  • Microsoft Youth Spark Award – Grant
  • Microsoft – National-Global – Super Bowl Commercial and Award
  • Office Depot Adopt-A-Teacher
  • Comcast-Comcast Community Service Award Grant
  • Dr. Oz Show
  • Woman of Excellence – Humanitarian Award
  • John Maxwell Leadership Award
  • Diamond Award for Community Service – National Coalition of 100 Black Women
  • Citizenship Award – Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
  • FEA -Martin Luther king Jr Award- Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Professional-Influential Business Professional
  • Most Powerful 25 Women- In Palm Beach County – Dexter Bridgeman
  • OCR REAP Grant
  • Dream Forward Award for courage, persistence and sacrifice while making dreams become a reality. Jason Hall
  • Dream forward Award for making a difference in the lives of many by Dr. Norma C. Pearson
  • Excellence and Generous Commitment to Student Award- Belle Glade, Elementary School.
  • The Shero Award by: Anne Harvey Missionary Society –Outstanding Service
  • The Steve Binko Award for Educational Innovation and Justice …The Scribe’s Institute
  • Cultured Pearls Award-  Presenter by Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Rainbow Push Philanthropic Foundation of the Year Award ‘Jessie Jackson
  • Legends. Trailblazers and Rising Stars Award for Community Service by Payne Chapel
  • Key to the City… Columbus Georgia. Honorable Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Mayor- Columbus Georgia
  • Proclamation. Columbus Georgia. Honorable Teresa Pike Tomlinson,
  • ESTELLA PYFROM declaration –July 16, 2016
  • RESOLUTIONS: Representative Carolyn Hugley, District 136, Georgia House of Representatives…Outstanding Public Service
  • National Association for Professional Women
  • Continental Who’s Who Recipient of the Year -2016


“When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A brilliant mind, looking back at me”

****Coming soon, with enthusiasm and much excitement, is my first book****
“The Legacy of a Humble Black Woman” From Field to Factory to Estella’s Brilliant Bus